Sunday, August 5, 2012

Five Solid Days

We could've gone to the ocean, but we didn't.  In fact, we haven't gone for three summers.  It's okay though, my baby is small and I am in the off-season of family vacations. Sure, I know that lots of people take their infants and toddlers all over the country.  That's fine-jim-dandy for them!  ....luckily we aren't all wired the same and we have freedom of choice, or we'd ALL be at the beach.

I do, after all, get twelve-ish weeks off work during the summer.  I have a lot of time to spend with Julia, work on projects, and generally be free and true to myself.  Phil gets much less vacation time, and for him, I was worried that he would not feel a true break.  But he convinced me that he wanted to spend five days of his vacation time working on our cabin along side his best friend, (me!)  I am a lucky girl and feel fortunate to have him in my life.

So, with all of that background info divulged, here is how the week went down:

Day 1 -- arrived at the farm to find.... NO ELECTRICITY!  ahhh.. the joke of the summer, eh?  We were forced to spend a few hours trouble-shooting... walking down the road to look at transformers, tampering with wires and fuses, unplugging and replugging... "does it work now?"   "NO!" ...."well, how about now?"  ...."NO!"   We drove back to Nelsonville, retrieved our volt meter, drove back to the farm, fought the rusty nail heads loose on the utility box to find.... WASPS!  "RUN!" -- a nest of 'em!  ---back in the truck to head to Glouster to the quaint little hardware store.  We bought some foaming wasp killer and headed back to the farm to act like fools while spraying, running, and swatting wasps.   Thankfully, we weren't stung and the nest was small.  Wasps are no joke and had it been a large nest, I wouldn't have messed with it until after dark. --with wasps under control, we discovered that no power was coming from our pole.  We tried for two hours, LITERALLY two hours, to get in touch with AEP.  We got busy signals, we got a recording telling us that we had dialed the wrong number, we were disconnected mysteriously.... dumb stuff that continued on while the clock continued to tick.  FINALLY, we talked to a human and they sent someone out to fix the pole down the road from our farm.  By the time we had to go pick up Julia, the power was restored.  DAY WASTED!

Day 2 -- Phil finished all but three sections of the screened porch.  I cut trim and was his helper.

Day 3 -- Phil finished all of the porch!  It was tough work, but the end result is fantastic!  We started the electricity!  I strategically nailed outlet boxes to 2x4s and Phil installed the boxes for the lights and sconces.  We picked up Julia and went to Lowe's to get more electric supplies.

Day 4 -- borrowed a gigantic extension ladder with adjustable feet and a stabilizer.  Begun the job that I've dreaded since May.... staining the sides of the cabin.  The sun was HOT and the air was HOT.  I was drenched in sweat and quite cantankerous.  Daddy-long-legs clung to our cabin and insisted on giving me a fright every so often.... they blended in so masterfully with the wood siding, only to come alive at the touch of a paintbrush!  ugh!  Then the sweat bees swarmed me.  ugh again!
Phil ran electric wires all through the house while I painted.

Day 5 -- continuing the electricity.  By the end of day 5, Phil had the cabin looking like it had gotten in a fight with a mess of wet spaghetti noodles... wires everywhere!  BUT everything is labeled and precisely in place.  I stained the porch floor.  The porch is now DONE!  all the way DONE!

...and now we rest.  HA!